Wednesday, 20 October 2021


Hi Ed,

It was fantastic!!! Like flying on the magic carpet. As a kid I would imagine how it would be to fly and SEE all the wonderful things. I would dream of flying!...

This flight was an event of a lifetime...for me...The number of Bald Eagles was great. One has to develop the vision of the white and dark conformation to see them quickly. The beauty of The cannot comprehend with words...only sight...

I commented to Cindy that sightseeing by air would be something visitors might like. Her answer was that tourists like things more dramatic...volcanoes etc. But maybe on second thought, we need to keep these spots guarded and hidden from entrepreneurs and developers.

Best of wishes for future flying! The trip you provided for me of the Kennebec River and our farmstead was fantastic!! To see the land and place the history of two hundred + years ago was something I wish all could experience. Not just something in a movie or TV. To see the nooks and crannies that we cannot access by truck or boat is the greatest.

Thank you very much.

Dee C.


Point of View Helicopter Services combines quality, intimate aerial survey services and a passion for natural resource conservation. I have flown with Ed Friedman during inventories of nesting bald eagles and reproduction studies, monitoring of osprey nests, searches for great blue heron breeding colonies, radiotelemetry projects, research with tidal currents, monitoring conservation easements, and aerial photography. His enthusiasm for all subjects is contagious. The Schweizer 300C helicopter provides ideal maneuverability and airspeed that improve aerial reconnaissance. Maine's landscape is breathtaking from such a perspective!

Charlie Todd
Wildlife Biologist
Maine Department of Fish & Wildlife
Bangor, ME

Dear Ed,

What a wonderful time we had yesterday. Another truly memorable experience to cap our weekend. The photos are stunning. As soon as we got up in the air yesterday I regretted not bringing my camera, but then thought , maybe for a first time up it's good to just be collecting many, many mental pictures.

Mark was so thrilled that he and his kids got to experience such an event. He was also really blown away by your generousness to take us all up...

Thank you for all the memories, the gift of flight, and all you do regularly to keep Bowdoinham and Merrymeeting Bay the glorious haven it is.

Very best,
Elizabeth T.

Dear Ed,

It was very generous of you to let my brother Kai and I take a ride in your helicopter with you. I liked how you showed us all the switches and how you let us land on the water. The view was beautiful. I have always wanted to fly up into the sky like a bird and you gave me that chance. At first it was scary, but once you explained everything to us I felt more comfortable. You are very good at flying the helicopter.



Marly D.

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