Sunday, 19 September 2021



I apologize for sending this thank you so late. But we wanted to thank you with some local goods from the Oneonta area. The kids have not stopped talking about the ride in the helicopter. It was the highlight of their summer. I appreciate you taking me up and explaining the unique aspects of the waterways. It was a wonderful trip.

Again thanks! Be sure to look us up if ever you are in central New York.

Mark D.


Dear Mr. Friedman,

I don't know  how you would ever find anyone any more delighted with a helicopter ride than Ron was last Thursday! He enjoyed it so very much!

Thank you so much for your patience and help getting him in and out of the helicopter. All of his major joints are metal, plus the loss of a leg---so he has quite a time doing what he'd like to do.

Also---thanks for the pictures! You were more than generous in all you did for us.

Best of luck to you in your helicopter business.


Joan S.




As a wildlife biologist and photo interpreter of 27 years, I, find it very efficient to use a helicopter in groundtruthing emergent aquatic vegetation as well as any other vegetation that has been interpreted on aerial photography. Ed Friedman, pilot for Point of View Helicopter Services, saved me considerable time with vegetation identification on Merrymeeting Bay.

Lyman Feero
James W. Sewall Company
Old Town, ME

Hello Ed,

Thanks so much for the wonderful flight the crowd loved it. It was a secret and I really enjoy hearing the stories from the guests about when they figured it out. Nice picture.

We will be sending you a disk from the photographer when we get the pictures back.
Thanks again.

Paul W.

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